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If you would like your event listed on SkooCal, follow these easy steps:

  1. Create your Facebook Event - Go to your organization's Facebook page and create your Facebook Event.
  2. Make us a Co-Host: Near the bottom of your create event page, Add @SkooCal as a Co-Host for your event. We will be notified by Facebook of your action. Once we accept, your event will show up here within a few minutes.
    Please Note: This service is meant for public events. We do not accept commercial "Sale" events. Commercial events that are raising funds for a non-profit or cause, block parties, festivals, entertainment events etc. are acceptable.
    We reserve the right to exclude any event at any time if we deem it not fitting with the purpose of this list.
    If you are unsure if your event qualifies for a free listing Contact Us.
  3. Publish Your Event

  • Your event will publish on this site automatically. If after 30 minutes you see your event on the @SkooCal Facebook Page but not on this site, refresh your browser.
  • Your Facebook page must be set to Public
  • Your event must be Public
  • You can not have restrictions set on the event (age limits etc.) You can put restrictions in your description text, but don't use Facebook restrictions.

  • Click Here To Learn How To Make Your Facebook Page Public And Lift Restrictions.

    Here's a quick fix to make your Facebook Page visible to the public.
    1. Log in to Facebook.
    2. Make sure you're on your Facebook page.
    3. Look to the top of the page for Settings
    4. Click on the Settings link.

    Under General, Check Your Country Restrictions
    1. Under the General tab click on Country Restrictions to verify you did not list a specific country.
    2. If you listed a specific country, click the "x" to remove it and save your changes.

    Under General, Check Your Age Restrictions
    1. Just below the Country Restrictions is Age Restrictions – edit this section.
    2. Select "Anyone (13+)" and click Save Changes

  • Click Here To Learn How to Create a Facebook Event

    Facebook makes it easy to create an event.
    Just follow these steps:

    1. Go to YOUR orginazition's Facebook Page and click on Events

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    2. Click on Create Event

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    3. Add Event Details, add @SkooCal as a Co-host, and click Publish

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    Nice Job!
    Your event will soon be displayed on

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Don't Have a Facebook Page?

If your organization doesn't have a Facebook Page, you have a non-public page, or group instead, you can still get your event listed!
For a small fee, we will take care of listing your event on our public Facebook Page and on for you!
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