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Why Build a Schuylkill County Events Page?

SkooCal was created for organizations in Schuylkill County to better publicize their events, see other events, and plan the date for their events accordingly.
And, for the public to have one place to go to find out whats happening in Schuylkill County.

This service is completely free for the event holders and the public. We support the cost to provide this service through sponsorships & ads.
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A Better Way to Find and Publicize Schuylkill County Events

  • Have you ever tried to find out what's going on is Schuylkill County next weekend?
  • Have you ever tried to find out when a good date would be to hold your event?
  • Have you ever planned an event only to find out there is another event at the same time?
That's exactly why SkooCal was created. We saw firsthand that there was no good way to find out details about events happening in Schuylkill County. Now there is!

Other Schuylkill County Events Pages?

There are already Schuylkill County Events pages out there.

There are a ton of them. Webpages, Facebook pages and events. There are hundreds maybe thousands of them.
The problem is just that! All of the organizations list their events on their own website, events calendar or Facebook.
But, how do they reach an audience that doesn't visit their website or follow them on Social Media?

How is the public supposed to find out what's going on in Schuylkill County this weekend or next month? Google will return thousands of results - not really much help.

What about other listings?
There are a few county organizations that will list your events for free on their websites, and that helps, but it usually requires you to belong to that organization or submit your event very early and or fill out some long form. That's a lot of work and it takes time! SkooCal is Free, Quick, and Easy! Visit our How To Page and see for yourself.

Help Us Help You!

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Get the word out! Tell your friends, family, and organizations about SkooCal, share it on social media.
The more organizations that list their events here and the more people who come here to view the event details, the better this service will become.
The more events the get listed, the better SkooCal events will show up in search results and the more publicity your event will get.

SkooCal Self Listings are 100% FREE!

But just like you, we have to keep the lights on. If you agree that this is good for the community or your organization, please consider one of the following ways you can help.
Become a Sponsor. Help support this community calendar system by purchasing a sponsorship. Your linked logo will be seen thousands of times by Schuylkill County residents.
Promote Your Event with a Feature Listing. Contact SkooCal for details. Make sure your event gets noticed! Rise to the top of the listings with a much larger Featured Event Listing.

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Does Your County or Community Need an Events Calendar?

If your county or community is suffering with the same issues as ours and you need a community events calendar like SkooCal, contact Cotts, Inc.
Cotts, Inc. developed as a public service for Schuylkill County. We can work with your organization to do the same for your county or community.
Cotts, Inc. contact page.